Beret 1


Beret: a set of seating solutions for the living that can be a protagonist also in other areas of the daily habitat and as well for the restaurants. Created by Gabriela Raible, the collection is made by many elements joined by a great stylish elegance enriched by a high quality comfort.

Measurements and Specifications

Beret 301.01 & 301.02
480mm L x 640mm D x 880mm H
Seat 460mm D x 470mm H

Beret 301.11 & 301.12
580mm L x 710mm D x 880mm H
Seat 450mm D x 470mm H
Arm 650mm H

Beret 301.21 & 301.22
710mm L x 730mm D x 760mm H
Seat 500mm D x 430mm H
Arm 550mm H

Beret 301.41
420mm L x 420mm D x 780mm H
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