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COMO CABINET | James Salmond

Designed with classical inspiration, like its unwound from a Roman Italian classic column and run-flat across the front of the cabinet. It’s giving a beautiful texture and the ability for light to reflect in highlights and shadows across the cabinet. The top being set in from the ends and the front, gives a little bit more of a presentation, allowing you to use the top for a beautiful sculpture. Bronze tone paint, very subtle metallic look which shows when it catches the light. Custom sizing and materials are available to suit your individual home and style.

Measurements and Specifications

Entertainment Cabinet
L 2200mm
D 450mm
H 470mm

TV Cabinet
L 1400mm
D 500mm
H 1100mm

Wood : MDF
Colour : Metallic Centurian Bronze
Finish : 30% gloss
Download the product spec sheet.

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