Frame: 4 cm diameter brass tube intertwined with a rectangular brass tube.
Finish: Brass hand-burnished using traditional techniques.

Tops: Plywood, shaped, thickness 2,3 cm.
Finish:Heat treated Eucalyptus and Black Eucalyptus, Heat treated Acacia, Heat treated Chestnut, Heat treated Oak, Swamp Oak. Oil finish based on natural wax and water.
Burnished steel mesh tweed pattern.

1300mm x 700mm x 380mm;
1600mm x 700mm x 380mm;
1100mm x 1000mm x 380mm;
1600mm x 500mm x 600mm;
2000mm x 500mm x 600mm;
1600mm x 500mm x 800mm;
2000mm x 500mm x 800mm;
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