The NETWORK outdoor modules are the archetypal collection of RODA, the one which has represented and still represents the soul and the history of the company and that fully expresses the concept of in & out. A product line whose highly distinctive feature is the marked presence of solid teak, a modular system for living and relax situations: NETWORK, that is. The brilliant providence of the project has been to turn the teak skeleton into a perfect shelf to hold the accessories of rest & relaxation. The structure offers both shape and ornament: clean lines and elegant simplicity work horizontally, in a rhythmical game of full and empty spaces.

Structure: Teak
Support: Polyester belts
Cushions: Standard or hydro-draining

Measurements and Specifications

Network 110 module central
820mm L x 1100mm D x 640mm H

Network 121 module right / 122 module left
1870mm L x 1100mm D x 640mm H

Network 123 module central
1580mm L x 1100mm W x 640mm H

Network 128 module
1100mm L x 1100mm W x 280mm H

Network 140 chaise longue
960mmL x 1660mm W x 640mm H

Seat height 280mm (+100mm with cushion)
Download the product spec sheet.
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