Riviera Pot 1

RIVIERA POT | Decastelli

Riviera collection represents small gardens, some designed for indoor settings, others for outdoor locations, with the sole desire of representing an idea of nature in unexpected ways and contexts. Each vase is sold with a plastic container and water tank, both hidden below the edge of the outer pot, maintaining its aesthetic elegance.

Available finishes suitable for indoor use: maistral or matt lacquered iron.

Measurements and Specifications

Riviera 1 Flower 60 L.60 P.60 H.60 cm
Riviera 1 Flower 90 L.32 P.32 H.90 cm
Riviera 1 Flower 120 L.32 P.32 H.120 cm
Riviera 3 Flowers 50 L.135 P.45 H.50 cm
Riviera 3 Flowers 90 L.96 P.32 H.90 cm
Riviera 5 Flowers 90 L.160 P.32 H.90 cm

Download the product spec sheet.

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