The TEKA collection shows all the ability of RODA to innovate and harmoniously combine natural and high tech materials creating original living and dining solutions of design.
The entire collection is developed around a particular prism-shaped geometric construction of great impact which, at the same time, confers a sensation of lightness to the product while retaining the intrinsic durability of wood.
The mingling of different materials spotlights all the expressive force of teak which is mixed with Canatex fabrics for the seats. The refinement of the TEKA product is also expressed through the choice of some details, such as the use of buttons that perfectly fit into the design of the sofa backrest and arms, stopping the cushions from slipping and giving an aesthetic touch.
Modular sofas, chairs, armachairs, dining and low tables are all part of the TEKA collection.

Structure: Teak
Support: Canatex
Cushions: Standard or hydro-draining

Measurements and Specifications

Teka 001 sofa
1580mm L x 850mm D x 680mm H

Teka 002 sofa
2180mm L x 850mm D x 680mm H

Teka 003 module right / 004 module left
1400mm L x 850mm D x 680mm H

Teka 005 module right / 006 module left
2090mm L x 850mm D x 680mm H

Teka 007 module central
1400mm L x 850mm D x 680mm H

Height (seat) 300mm (+100mm with cushion)
Download the product spec sheet.
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