Our Brands

Our Brands

David Shaw Henge Decastelli Jab Tonon

Specialising in exclusive, bespoke pieces. David Shaw Limited approach their particular niche market of classic ‘lifestyle’ furniture with belief that their product is driven by their customers’ desires

The pieces thatHenge create are unique masterpieces that cherish within their souls a destination and all the emotions lived during the travel towards their realization.

Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation, De Castelli infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, leading to entirely original results.

As a stylish counterpart to the fabric portfolio, they offer fitted carpets as well as designer flooring and rugs in the highest quality grades. The coherent range is completed by carefully handcrafted upholstery furniture and a small but refined collection of curtain rods and wallpapers.

Since 1926 TONON is a well-known international brand in the world of seating, reliable and synonymous with design and quality made in Italy.

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