SYRO | Decastelli

In the idea of setting up the living area with tables of the same design but different in size, color and handwriting, born SYRO: a triptych of small tables with metal structure supported by a thin metal rod and characterized by graphic elements engraved on the sheet metal. It’s a combination of shapes and a blending of colors: iron, brass and copper, where the engraved designs are inspired by the circles that are born and branch out into the water, between the flow of the current and the wavelets. The special treatment of the metals make it a comprehensive set of high-impact graphics and colors. The transverse connection of the structure, placed at the same height from the ground, have a forge that refers to the interweaving of the branches. The different heights, the interlaced design and the color of the metals determine a mutant composition that continually renews the space in which they are inserted.

SYRO 45:
56 x 48 x H.450mm

SYRO 37:
75,5 x 54 x H.370mm

SYRO 30:
80 x 41,5 x H.300mm
Download the product spec sheet.