AARE LIGHT | David Shaw | Decastelli

The Aare Gorge in Switzerland is testimony to natural erosion, shaped by the last ice age. Here, a river originating from melting glaciers once carved deep into the rock, cutting to its core. Thus, little by little, light began working its way into the cracks, amid ancient limestone stratifications. The manual erosion technique used on the sheet metal of Aare is its modern echo, recreating the natural look of the rock along its surfaces. Thanks to a centre slit, these wall sconces take on the archetypical form of earthly geography sculpted by ice, reproducing its prehistoric beauty, as if they too were forged centuries ago.

Measurements and Specifications

1200MM H X 165MM W X 780MM D

220V 50/60HZ
smd LED 2X9W - 3000K

David Shaw

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