“Why must the bookcases always be straight vertical long orthogonal to put always all the books in a straight and methodical way?”- Michele De Lucchi proposed to the De Castelli a new way of thinking to a bookcase, composed by so many cases, all different and disorderly overlapped as requested by a creative mind. The combination of these different cases has created spaces, openings, that seem alleys among the old houses of the beautiful Italian villages. Available in two versions, for center room or for wall.

Measurements and Specifications

D.71 H.39 cm
D.71 H.70 cm
D.71 H.96 cm
D.71 H.127,5 cm
D.71 H.164 cm
D.70 H.195 cm
D.71 H.221 cm
L.123 P.41 H.39 cm
L.123 P.41 H.71 cm
L.123 P.41 H.97,5 cm
L.123 P.41 H.130 cm
L.123 P.41 H.166 cm
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