Pandora metallic furniture units


This drawer unit alludes to the archetypal shape of a vase. Like a modern treasure chest, Pandora was crafted to store – and thus ‘hide’ – all kinds of objects. In its different versions, from one to six drawers, this piece is versatile enough to be transformed, as you like, into a storage table, bedside table or full chest of drawers, used in varied spaces, from the bathroom to the bedroom or living room. A mysterious, impressive object, Pandora surprises when the drawers, invisible when closed, are revealed.

Circular storage unit clad in metal. Invisible oak drawers with push-open system on the circumference. Full extension Movento Tip-on Blum slides.

Structure in Natural Oak

Available in the following finishes:
E5 Delabre B Iron
G2 Orbitale DeLabre Iron
G3 Orbitale DeLabre Brass
M9 Brushed Brass
D2 Polished Stainless Steel
F2 DeLabre Brass
G5 DeLabre Copper
G4 Orbitale DeLabre Copper
M10 Brushed Copper


Measurements and Specifications

1 Drawer 480mm dia x 270mmH
2 Drawers 480mm dia x 520mmH
3 Drawers 480mm dia x 770mmH
4 Drawers 480mm dia x 1020mmH
5 Drawers 480mm dia x 1270mmH
6 Drawers 480mm dia x 1520mmH
Download the product spec sheet.

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